transfer interface

This project was made in two separate times, one during my project in semester 6 (last year of Bachelor), and the other during my bachelor project. The company that asked me to do this project had for goal to make automatic data backups held in noCRM noCRM to stock them in a data base that should be created for this purpose. In this way the company was able to use this data with other software like power BI and in the same time to reduce risk of losing data in case of a problem in the noCRM. To make this project work, we first had to define clearly which data should be retrieved and if that was possible by the API of noCRM. Them a data base was made to meet the needs of the project and it was tested. Then an analyze to define which technology answered the best to the specification of the transfer interface was made. When the first two steps were made, the transfer process was modelized and developed. After the test phase in the development environment, the interface was deployed in the agent’s company.